6 months based in Mumbai with trips around India, discovering the untold story of the nation’s passion for the game.


“Do Indians play or even watch football…?”

Indian football fans have a huge interest in the top European leagues. What’s it like to watch El Clasico or the Manchester Derby in Mumbai?

What does a local game look and feel like, and what are the routines and rituals?

The national teams are now both at all time high. When will India make their first World Cup?

In a nation world renowned for its cricket, why did football never quite catch on in the same way?

These questions spurred me on to dig a little deeper into the world of Indian football. During the 6 months I was lucky enough to meet people from across the spectrum of the game in India, uncovering a fascinating range of stories.

Highlights from the tour of India

A collection of articles, videos and photos from my time exploring football culture in Mumbai, Goa, Kerala, Kolkata, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh.

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A collection of stories and experiences from my time in India, featuring personal blogs as well as articles featured on BBC Sport.