“Football is not a sport. It is a welding point in the globalised world…”

Cesar Luis Menotti

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About Hidden Football

With a worldwide fan base in excess of 4 billion people – in a world with only a 7.7 billion population – it’s fair to say that over half of the planet have an interest in the sport.

Our shared football fascination has led to a huge growth in popularity for the leading international teams and players, as the elite form of the game continues to dominate the media.

But what about the stories that don’t make the headlines?

What does football look and feel like around the world?

What does it mean to people?

How does it fit into their lives and communities?
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Hidden Football is an ongoing project, exploring the impact the game has in different cultures around the world.

Through articles, film and photography, we will begin to answer some of these questions, sharing a series of untold stories inspired by football’s global reach.

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About Me

James Cronin

Freelance sports writer from Birmingham, UK, exploring untold stories from across the football world.

Lifelong football player and fan, intrigued not only by the stars, goals and results of the Premier League, but also by the stories and experiences of lower league and grassroots football, and their eccentric nature.

Fuelling my growing curiosity to discover how football looks and feels around the world, and what it means to people and their communities.

Feel free to get in touch to find out more:

james@hiddenfootball.co.uk | LinkedIn

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